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Tibetan Energy Bracelet

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Tibetan wisdom teaches that the purpose of life is to be happy. By using Tibetan jewelry for self-care, it is possible to become aware of how your thoughts and behaviors influence your health and happiness.
Jasper stones are an opaque, dense variety of quartz. Its energy is slow, coherent and aligned with the energies of the Earth, allowing one to be more present in the physical body. Jasper is an elemental earth stone found all over the world.

Green Jasper balances obsessive tendencies and restores harmony to the emotional body, allowing thoughts to be controlled. It is the stone of sleep par excellence.

Blue Jasper is the ideal anti-stress stone for people responsible for the well-being of others, and for older children and adolescents who need to resist reckless behavior or risky situations.

Turquoise jasper helps express love and patience, promote cooperation, and dispel negative feelings. It is also believed to protect against evil spirits.

Purple Jasper increases the life force in the physical body and promotes an ageless mind ready to accept change and seek new experiences. It awakens the energy of one's own instinct and is an excellent stone for pregnant women who wish to communicate with their unborn child.

Wear this stunning bracelet to attract happiness and positive thoughts into your life!
  • Materials : Natural jasper
  • Metal : Stainless steel
  • Stretchable size : 16 cm - 21 cm
  • Pearl size: 4mm
  • Handmade artwork
  • Made with love and care

Be the Energy you want to Attract

We bring a meticulous selection to each of the stones used to make our pieces. Fundamental to our well-being and inner peace, stones also bring self-confidence. They make it possible to rebalance our physical and psychic energies, make us radiate, treat our little ailments and soothe us in our social relations.