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The Perfect Geode: Your Box of Positive Energy to Recharge Your Jewelry

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Natural work of art and unique creation of nature, designed for enhance and recharge your jewelry of semi-precious stones, this geode box is much more than a simple container; it embodies a unique sensory and energetic experience.

Energy protection: The resealable box Premium Quartz acts as a protective barrier that can help preserve the positive energy of the geode. By protecting your jewelry from external influences, the box helps maintain the energetic integrity of the stones.

Energy conservation : A resealable box helps conserve the energy accumulated in the geode by preventing its dispersion into the environment.

Imagine a regenerated energy which spreads again around you. Our box-shaped geode offers precisely this possibility. On the outside, a raw and natural beauty, on the inside, a treasure trove of benefits.

The ingenious design of this geode box not only recharges your jewelry with positive energies, but also protects them with elegance. Once your precious creations have been placed inside, close the box like an enchanted parenthesis, thus preserving the beneficial vibrations for later use.

Each facet of the geode acts as an energy receptacle, capturing and amplifying positive energies which, over time, can fade. Your jewelry recharges and revitalizes itself, ready to accompany you in all your daily adventures with renewed energy.

The geode box thus becomes the refined guardian of your lithotherapeutic treasures, bringing a new dimension to your daily ritual of beauty and well-being. The delicate shape of this box adds a touch of aesthetics, also making it a decorative object that fits harmoniously into your space.

Give your jewelry an exceptional home with our box-shaped geode. An invitation to energetic rebirth , with the renewed radiance of your semi-precious stones. Make every moment a celebration of the harmony between natural beauty and healing energies and transform each day into a vibrant and vibrant adventure.

  • Material: Top Quality Quartz from Brazil, crystal renowned for its energetic properties and clarity.
  • Size : Approximately 8 to 10cm in diameter
  • Weight : About 280g

Be the Energy you want to Attract

We bring a meticulous selection to each of the stones used to make our pieces. Fundamental to our well-being and inner peace, stones also bring self-confidence. They make it possible to rebalance our physical and psychic energies, make us radiate, treat our little ailments and soothe us in our social relations.

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Agnès Paty

super pierre je suis très contente de mon achat