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Mixed Bracelet in Warrior Jasper and Lapis Lazuli for Inner Strength and Mental Clarity

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Warrior Jasper , known for its qualities of strength and courage, is associated with vital energy and protection. It will accompany you in your daily challenges, encouraging you to overcome obstacles and face whatever life throws at you. You will feel supported and confident in your actions.

Lapis Lazuli , on the other hand, is a stone that stimulates wisdom, intuition and mental clarity. It helps you find your inner voice, express your thoughts confidently, and make informed decisions. Thanks to its ability to balance emotions, lapis lazuli will bring you calm and harmony in your daily life.

By combining warrior jasper and lapis lazuli in this bracelet, you benefit from a unique energetic synergy. This harmonious combination amplifies the benefits of each stone.

Its elegant and timeless design adapts to all styles, allowing you to wear this jewel with pride every day.

  • Materials : Natural Warrior Jasper stone, Lapis Lazuli, genuine leather
  • Metal : Stainless steel
  • Adjustable size : 17cm to 23cm OR 15.5cm to 17cm
  • Handmade artwork
  • Made with love and care

Be the Energy you want to Attract

We bring a meticulous selection to each of the stones used to make our pieces. Fundamental to our well-being and inner peace, stones also bring self-confidence. They make it possible to rebalance our physical and psychic energies, make us radiate, treat our little ailments and soothe us in our social relations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
J'ai une sensation de bien-être quand je le porte !

Je ressens bien les énergies que dégagent ces pierres. J'ai plus de confiance en moi. Très satisfait

Simple, beau et efficace

Une petite merveille dont l’efficacité se fait rapidement sentir... les délais pour charger les bracelets en énergies valent largement le coup ! La qualité des pierres est au rendez-vous. Merci !

Christelle André
Bracelet Mixte en Jaspe Guerrier et Lapis Lazuli

J'ai fait ce choix pour l'offrir à un homme. Le bracelet correspond bien à la commande. Je ne lui ai pas encore offert donc je ne peux pas vous dire s'il lui plaira ... Pour autant je n'en ai aucun doute. La beauté des produits est au rendez-vous !