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Tibetan Energy Bracelet: Balance, Protection and Serenity

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Discover a unique bracelet, combining the soothing properties of jasper and the energetic protection of tiger's eye. This jewel is designed to help you find inner balance and feel in harmony with your environment.

Jasper , with its spotted patterns, is renowned for its ability to soothe the mind and eliminate stress. It offers you emotional stability and a deep connection with the Earth, promoting a calm and centered state of mind.

Tiger's Eye , for its part, is a protective stone that strengthens self-confidence and willpower. It protects you from negative energies and gives you the courage to face life's challenges.

When these two powerful stones combine in our Tibetan energy bracelet, you benefit from the mental tranquility of jasper, the protection of tiger's eye and invite both serenity and vitality into your daily life.

At Clef Dorée, we put all our love and expertise into creating unique jewelry. Order your Tibetan Energy Bracelet now and discover the magic of these exceptional stones.

Materials : Jasper, Tiger's Eye
2 adjustable sizes : 17.5cm-26.5cm or 16cm-25cm
Handmade artwork
Made with love and care

Be the Energy you want to Attract

We bring a meticulous selection to each of the stones used to make our pieces. Fundamental to our well-being and inner peace, stones also bring self-confidence. They make it possible to rebalance our physical and psychic energies, make us radiate, treat our little ailments and soothe us in our social relations.

Customer Reviews

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Très joli, à voir dans le temps....

Le bracelet est vraiment beau, je demande quand même à voir sa résistance dans le temps. Je suis septique quant à la résistance du cordon utilisé mais bon je me trompe peut-être...

Merci beaucoup pour vos compliments sur notre bracelet Michel. Soyez assuré que le matériau est conçu pour durer, avec une durabilité prévue de plusieurs années.