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The jeweler who creates symbolic jewelry with exceptional virtues

In the world of jewelry, there are artisans who create jewelry, and there are designers who bring works of art to life. Clef Dorée is one of those creators who bring a touch of magic to each piece they create. Based in France, this creative jewelry company makes a point of working with semi-precious stones, chosen for their virtues and their symbolic meaning.

Clef Dorée has a unique approach to jewelry. We don't just create pieces of jewelry, we create jewelry that has deep meaning for the wearer. Each semi-precious stone is selected based on its symbolic meaning, its virtues and its history in the most remote corners of the world.

Discovery of Obsidian

The stones are then transformed into beautiful pieces of jewelry, designed to help people find inner peace, balance and strength.

Protective Wrap Bracelet "Moonlight Onyx and Obsidian"

obsidian and onyx bracelet

Clef Dorée jewelry is high quality pieces, made with love with noble materials. The creations are elegant, sophisticated and timeless, while being accessible to all budgets. The collections offered by Clef Dorée are varied and include bracelets, necklaces and earrings each designed with a semi-precious stone chosen for its meaning and significance.

Our brand has made a name for itself in the world of jewelry thanks to its unique approach and our passion for creating high quality jewelry. One of our missions is to allow everyone to find a piece of jewelry that suits them, that gives them personal meaning and that accompanies them throughout their life.

Express your unique style while wearing jewelry with deep meaning thanks to Clef Dorée's passionate and inspiring designs.